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Beth van Elswyk / the “Hemp Huntress”. I am here to help, “Let’s Get Started!” I have a deep desire to help people profit from their plant-based passions which led me to dive into the professional world of hemp and cannabis years ago, applying decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience to assist others in gaining a strong foothold in this ever-evolving industry.

Formed my first private company at age 16, for VHS video productions, and I have continued on the path of establishing, growing, and running businesses ever since. Motivated by early successes — like co-creating the first ever woman-owned and operated Body Art establishment in the U.S. in the late 1990s, which is still in operation — I fine-tuned and grew my business skills, managing multi-million dollar national accounts for Panasonic. The recession of 2008 brought devastation to my traditional corporate career and an opportunity for me to return to my first love of full-time entrepreneurship, with the support of my wife I have never looked back!

The next several years began a whirlwind of gaining deep industry knowledge and key business and regulatory connections. This experience, combined with innate business acumen, an unwavering client commitment and a good sense of humor, has earned me highly reputable success in the hemp and cannabis business sector that I share with others.

If your goal is to enter the hemp/cannabis/psilocybin industry in any professional capacity — retail, seed broker, small farm, small batch craft, fiber, or something no one has ever imagined yet — my knowledge, guidance, care, and business savvy can help you build, grow, and surpass your business goals.

My focus is to support the Hoi Polloi and help people get started. Some seek to be the person growing a million acres of Hemp. I am seeking to help a million Americans grow one acre.

Personal Website Hemphuntress.com — MERCH thehuntresscollection.com

Company website www.hoipolloiadvisors.com

Contact me directly hemphuntress@gmail.com or 503–421–9045 to arrange a conversation, or book me for a speaking engagement or podcast interview.



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Beth "Hemp Huntress" van Elswyk

Reflections on business & life from a start-up advisor for hemp-cannabis-psilocybin